Russia 2009

Filming Russian dancers at an abandoned village.

One night in New Chaplino we decided to put on a show for the community. The drummer and I grew up dancing with each other, and the other two women are mother and daughter from Barrow.

olysea is a local who helped a lot with organization

Egor will be in our documentary film… but the drunk guy behind us won’t be

and one of the best moments in my life was in this moment.
a lady told us a story about how songs were traded through the radio between Alaska and Russia. they can hear the music and lyrics but each place had its own movements to the song. this kid next to me is from Russia and this song was the only way we were able to communicate and relate with each other. while performing this dance, he decided to join in and for a few moments language and nationality didn’t matter. we only needed the drum beat and the singers and suddenly we were telling stories that reach several generations back, across miles and miles of land through millions of Inuit Eskimos.


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