Everywhere 2012

my 2012 adventure all over the place

living on my own in a suite apartment. living with three girls on a ship University traveling around south and central america. living with my parents in my hometown for the summer. living with carlee in downtown los angeles in the renaissance tower on olympic, between grand and hope.

lol unpacking on the way to costa rica

roommate julie and I spent every meal out on the deck like this.. this was our first day somewhere off the coast of costa rica on our way to peru

I lived on that last row floor of windows

then I went home for another summer of beach parties and honda rides

there were a lot of games of moose with the park service friends

why are one of my legs wet? I couldn’t tell ya

co-founded the miss movement

created the dome’s best spray painting piece lol

a lot of explorations of the wilderness and collections for a beach party mobile

mooncat reppin the J L

spent a good portion of my summer spontaneously flying to Kiana with auntie Greta between campaigning work when she ran for state house

meetin david between hope and grand in LA

the start of my journaling craze


studio time

a day in la

the view and the noise and the lights

this is what going to school meant to me for a year of online classes

traffic and spanish radio stations

really going through with it. follow the black wings.

good times with sweet ol’ Joy

long night before a day of flying to hawaii.. didn’t want to show my face in LAX and people kept confronting me asking who I was #groupies  lol

a week in november on this beautiful hawaiian island for a sweet escape

sayin syonara in santa monica

did you hear washington legalized recreational marijuana #seattleforaday

lawyers and free drinks for my last weekend in la

bones left in first class on the first flight outta there…

then shit hit the fan 12-21-12

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