WTF is Mercury Retrograde?!


Mercury retrograde is annoying as fuck. Now that it’s basically a meme, it seems like it can’t be taken seriously or it’s over exaggerated. It’s a joke and, since I’m a Capricorn and studied astrology throughout my entire 20’s, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Ha. Ha.

I’ve decided that I want to use this space to share what I know about astrology. This isn’t a place that will support the stubborn skeptics. I’m not here to convince you that it’s real. I am here to explain the concepts that build a system I believe in. There are a lot of certified astrologers with this same kind of digital platform but I feel like none of them are indigenized or decolonized. This cosmic belief system isn’t Native but I am. I feel like my Indigenous insight tied in with the knowledge of astrology is valuable.

So, anyway… what the fuck is Mercury retrograde?!

The most basic thing to know about astrology is that the planets represent specific subjects and the orbits shift them through the constellations. You know your Sun sign and those 12 signs mark the months. This means the Sun stays in each sign for one month. It takes one year to complete an orbit through the constellations.

Aries March 21-
Taurus April 20-
Gemini May 21-
Cancer June 21-
Leo July 23-
Virgo August 23-
Libra September 23-
Scorpio October 23-
Sagittarius November 22-
Capricorn December 22-
Aquarius January 20-
Pisces February 19-

The Sun represents your ego. Your Sun sign basically tells you which constellation it was in on your birthday. Every planet was in a specific place when you were born and, as you know, they each have a different orbiting speed. This is how it becomes more personal because each planet is like a new layer. You are so much more than your ego, your Sun sign. You have other characteristics represented by the planets.

Sun = Ego
1 year, 1 month per sign
Moon = Emotion
1 month, 2.5 days per sign
Mercury = Communication
3 months, 15 days-2 months per sign
Venus = Value
7.5 months, 23 days-2 months per sign
Mars = Action
2 years, 1.5 months per sign
Jupiter = Abundance
12 years, 1 year per sign
Saturn = Stability
29 years, 2.5 years per sign
Uranus = Change
84 years, 7 years per sign
Neptune = Confusion
165 years, 14 years per sign
Pisces = Transformation
248 years, 14-30 years per sign

All planets go retrograde on their own time. Sometimes Mercury will be in a sign for like 2 weeks but if it were to retrograde, it’ll spend a few extra weeks in that same sign. It lingers. It slows down. But it doesn’t actually go backwards.

It’s kind of like driving on the highway. Picture Mercury in the left lane and the Earth is on the right. Mercury is going the fastest but Earth is right behind it. During retrograde, Mercury slows down and at some point, it almost appears as if it is driving backwards and Earth catches up with it. It’s how the change of speed works and that’s how orbits work, too. Imagine all the planets in their own lane and this same effect will happen from time to time as the orbits engage with each other.

Since it’s the closest planet to the Sun, Mercury orbits the fastest. This is why we hear about it going retrograde the most often. It does things faster than the rest and it reaches a retrograde moment three times a year.

Mercury represents our communication so this can mean how we talk, make decisions, engage with information, use social media, send e-mails and generally use language as a tool. It’s also involved with legal documents, agreements and transportation. A few examples of Mercury retrograde would be misunderstanding others, missing or delayed flights, technological glitches, broken contracts, etc.

Mercury retrograde really just means we need to slow down with it. It’s like transitioning between seasons. We need that time to reflect and adjust if we’re going to advance at our best. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything goes to shit and you need to obsess over your mistakes. It just means you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself! Slow down! Be intentional!

Every retrograde is different because Mercury changes signs all the time. This one is in Scorpio. I’ll write about the qualities of the signs in my next post.

till then, take care,

Jacquii with a Cue


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