Qualities of the Zodiac Signs


As I mentioned in my last astrology post, 12 constellations make up the set of zodiac signs and they measure the year by months. There’s a sign for each month and their placements have significance. In astrology, Aries is the first sign and its season begins in March. It’s a sign that is ruled by Mars, the action planet. It’s also a cardinal fire sign.

Those born under this Sun sign may have an ego that is energetic. They identify with movement, intensity and leadership. It’s important to note again that your Sun sign isn’t all there is to who you are. I personally feel like people who do not believe in astrology are the types of people who can’t really confront or acknowledge their own ego, their Sun sign. Believing in astrology isn’t only about reading the horoscopes of your Sun sign or knowing the qualities of that one zodiac sign. To believe in it, you have to let go of your ego. You have to let go of only identifying with your Sun sign to learn more about the zodiac signs at large.

Each sign is ruled by a planet. In my previous post, I explained that each planet governs a specific characteristic. The qualities of what a planet represents is reflected in the sign they rule:

Sun (ego)  Leo
Moon (emotion) Cancer
Mercury (communication) Gemini + Virgo
Venus (value) Taurus + Libra
Mars (action) Aries
Jupiter (abundance) Sagittarius
Saturn (stability) Capricorn
Uranus (change) Aquarius
Neptune (confusion) Pisces
Pluto (transformation) Scorpio 

Even if you have Aries as your Sun sign, remember that every single planet was in a specific place when you were born. All the orbits have different speeds so they spend time in different signs. This means you can have Libra as your Mercury sign or Aquarius as your Saturn sign. (Note: You can look up your birth chart here and it will show you where the planets were placed. It’s best if you have the exact time you were born and I will explain why in the next post).

This concept is why it’s important to let go of your ego to get the best of astrology. Your personality can be explained by the other signs because the 12 planets are never in the exact same sign. Astrology is about knowing what the planets represent, which sign they are in and all the qualities that come with this information.

The 12 signs are each defined by two different things, their element (fire, earth, water and air) and their modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable).

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Fire signs are represented by the spirit. They are inspired, energetic, outgoing and active.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Earth signs
are represented by the body. They are grounded, disciplined and sensual.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Air signs are represented by the mind. They are intellectual, communicative and conceptual.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Water signs
are represented by the emotions. They are imaginative, introverted and intuitive.

Astrology gets more exciting once you learn these details. If you want to apply astrology to real life, it becomes more simple once you know the elements and the planets that are associated with each sign. It’s like a pattern and Aries begins with fire in March, going to earth sign Taurus in April, then air sign Gemini in May, to watery Cancer in June and then you begin again. Fire, earth, air and water.

You’ve probably heard about which sign is most compatible to your own. This really just explains whose Sun sign has the same element as yours. If I were you, I wouldn’t fully believe in compatibility just based off of your Sun sign. Just like with your personality, every single planet adds a layer to relationships, too. For example, Venus is about love and Mars is about sex. Mercury is about talking shit out. You need support from these planets beyond the egotistic Sun sign of your partner.

But it is fun to know their Sun sign because there’s so much information anyway, right? If you know your partner’s Sun sign, you can look at what planet is associated with it and what that means. Then, you can look into it more based off of the element. The next clue about what the signs mean is in their modality.

In each element, there are three signs. Each sign is either cardinal, fixed or mutable within each element.

Cardinal signs are the leaders and do-ers because they’re the first sign of the element.

Fixed signs are the most self-contained and resistant to change. They’re in the middle.

Mutable signs are the most flexible and adaptable. They’re transitional.

Aries (fire) Cardinal
(earth) Fixed
(air) Mutable

Cancer (water) Cardinal
Leo (fire) Fixed
Virgo (earth) Mutable 

Libra (air) Cardinal
Scorpio (water) Fixed
Sagittarius (fire) Mutable 

Capricorn (earth) Cardinal
Aquarius (air) Fixed
(water) Mutable

You might have heard that Mercury is retrograde right now and I said in my last post that it’s in Scorpio. This means that Mercury is slowing down as it’s in the fixed water sign of Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto the transformation planet. This can mean different things for different people but the overall qualities of what’s going on is in relation to Scorpio, the sign Mercury is currently in.

For example, in my birth chart, my Venus sign is Scorpio and this Mercury retrograde is in this same spot. So for me, the energy of slowing down is in relation to Venus, the value planet. This is how this Mercury retrograde is personally affecting me. Mercury could be at a specific angle with your own birth chart, too.

As I said, planets are in a specific place when you are born. These are the layers of your character. Astrology affects your daily life because the planets are always moving and they make specific angles to where they were when you were born. Your compatibility with someone can be measured by these layers of planets, too. It all has to do with the angles between the planets.

I will explain these aspects of the planets and maybe a little more on compatability in my next post.

till then, take care


Jacquii with a Cue

P.S. If you looked up your birth chart, you can see which signs each planet was in when you were born. For each planet sign, you can look at what the planet represents and then look at what element or modality that sign has. This can help you understand yourself a tad bit more. 

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