Introducing “Braiding Conversations”

The Sample_March Posts_Back copy

Okay, well first of all, I want to thank you for coming here to my blog! I have this huge idea in my mind and today’s the first day that I’m taking this intentional step. I’ve always had it brainstormed in a lot of my journals over the past decade. It kept getting bigger and bigger behind closed doors, mostly because I’m a little scared of it. It’s easier to sit with it and keep the excitement to myself. It feels harder to put it out there and wait to see what people think. But, I kinda have to do it, so thanks for at least being this interested so far, haha.

Over this past season, I’ve gotten rid of about twenty journals. I started writing when I was in high school but got pretty obsessive about it as I grew throughout college. Not only did my tote of journals become physical baggage, but I had way too much access to my old thoughts and plans. There were too many nights where I found myself alone and deep in my old writings, instead of making plans to use them.

I know there’s a lot within what I have to say. And there’s a lot to say. So, I tore out the pages that had the potential to be shared. I eventually looked at my digital footprint of all my old blogs, old publications, old posts, etc. From all of that, I organized a little plan on how to share them with you all. It’s starting out with using illustrations to bring them to life. Some of these pieces are already known, a lot of them are already out there. But, this is my pretty little package for you.

This package is a preview to what I hope will later be a multi-media passion project, called Braiding Conversations. I get caught within my stories all the time. When I’m with my friends, our conversations go off in many directions. There are so many stories we let go of because we turn them into other ones and forget where we were going. Braiding Conversations is the act of talking all over the place, but being able to bring it back to the center. The center is the relationship between the storyteller and the listener. This relationship between them is the braid that holds us all together.

These pieces I am sharing won’t be a part of Braiding Conversations, but they are definitely the inspiration for what will be done. What I’m about to start sharing is all of the original work. They are the beginning thoughts for what I’m trying to say. After pulling everything together and deciding on what will be shared, I organized them into their own natural themes: LOVE, CULTURE, TRAUMA and FAITH.

It’s both exciting and terrifying to be taking this step today. But, it’s dope as fuck to have you here with me, too. I hope you enjoy this journey with me.


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