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Aspects of the Planets

The Moon was full yesterday. It is in the fixed earth sign Taurus at 20° which is in opposition to the Sun, at 20° in fixed water sign Scorpio. This pretty much means that the moon is 180° away from the sun. It happens two weeks after the new Moon,

Qualities of the Zodiac Signs

As I mentioned in my last astrology post, 12 constellations make up the set of zodiac signs and they measure the year by months. There’s a sign for each month and their placements have significance. In astrology, Aries is the first sign and its season begins in March. It’s a

WTF is Mercury Retrograde?!

Mercury retrograde is annoying as fuck. Now that it’s basically a meme, it seems like it can’t be taken seriously or it’s over exaggerated. It’s a joke and, since I’m a Capricorn and studied astrology throughout my entire 20’s, I don’t think it’s funny at all. Ha. Ha. I’ve decided

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