Category: Poetry

Distant Love

Walking around the tundra of my mind my thoughts on love are easy to find the leaves I taste and the skies I hear from a couch in the city as I open a beer. The full moon on the land as the summer ends the timing is on brand

Wander Woman

the individualistic freedom poured hunger into my eyes. the realm of possibility revealed in me the free-spirited heroine who once lived in the shadow of isolation. so I played by my own rules. and the endlessly mad but passionate lifestyle chewed up and spit out the mid-September girl. I later

seagoat sense

I dive into the deep blue ocean of who I am and I don’t look back. I drown in the depths of women who came before me their souls suffocate my spirit and It tends to their wounds. Our dysfunction stung by salt. Our sins washed by sea. Why does

Native Stranger

I find you in very common places. I see you around nowhere special. Sometimes it’s while I’m in-between, while I’m just passing by. Sometimes you are a blur to me. We cross paths as I’m coming home from a space where we think, talk and pray about ones like you.

Present Impermanence

I am the space temporarily lived in never settled down but always stayed still. I don’t think anyone here was anything then just a new man. I don’t think who I am ever had a new place just a new view. I am the years temporarily lived in never passing

Dear Sedna (ruler of the monsters of the deep)

For my past, present, future and nothing more or no one else I battle the war within of dysfunctional beauty and hopeful wounds the things people have told me the things I’ve hidden inside of me I cry out loud praying for a break in the cycle I laugh out

What it means to be Native

Spoken word, written summer 2017 What it means to be Native has evolved I’m rehabilitative you will recall being so derogative I have dissolved your control your authorities your goal and your priorities Within the stitches that you sew into the front pocket of a pattern you borrowed comes the

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